Woman Finishes Marathon she ran 19 miles with the puppy Rescued Along The Way

A woman from Bangkok ran 19 miles of a Marathon Clut.ching a Puppy that she had rescued During the race.💖

Great that this Puppy is being taken care of now. 💕

Marathon runners tend to rested with a medal after crossing the finish line. But a lucky woman in Thailand also got a puppy.

That’s wonderful. Such a kind thing to do especially in the middle of a race. You took the time to stop and rescue this sweet furbaby then still finish the marathon.

From Bangkok, Thailand, Khemjira Klongsanun has a passion for running and enjoys competing in long-distance races.

However, in one of her recent marathons in Ratchaburi, western Thailand, Khemjira showed she isn’t just a good athlete, but she also has a kind heart.

Khemjira was seven miles into her 26-mile marathon, when she saw the runners ahead of her dodging something in the road. It turned out to be a stray Thai bangkaew breed puppy.

Marathon Runner Rescues Adorable Stray Dog.💖

After looking around for the puppy’s mother or owner and seeing no one in sight, Khemjira decided to pick up the pup and carry him the rest of the race.

After the race, they quickly came back to the location where she found the pup to see if her siblings or mother were still there, but they were not, so Khemjira took the puppy home with her.

Instead of leaving the puppy behind or giving her to someone, she carried the puppy all the way to the finish line.

She finally completed the marathon with the pup in her arms, and she was happy because she rescued the poor puppy.

Khemjira named the puppy Nom Chom, and she now has a forever home. Look at Nom Chom soaking up the rays and getting some much-need.ed beauty rest!

Thank you for saving the puppy and giving it a loving home and the love and care it needs! 💖

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