These Two Pit Bulls Are Real Sun Lovers

After spending the majority of my workday receiving and replying to emails, amending blogs, and uploading new ones, there doesn’t seem to be anything more relaxing than what Olive and Mayo are doing in this popular TikTok video from earlier this month.

According to the video that the two pit bulls’ mother, Jenny Walker, published on June 18, sunbathing seems to be their favorite pastime. They are both sleeping motionless on their backs with their front legs T-rexed and their tummies exposed to the sky. The only things that are missing are some beach chairs and dog bowls that the dogs may use to enjoy themselves with lovely small umbrellas.

Even though you’re seated on a patio’s unforgiving concrete, it nevertheless manages to be the height of relaxation. The relaxing 10 seconds have received more than 7 million views on TikTok as of as now.

@mayoandolive These two and their sunbathing.. #pittiesoftiktok #olive&mayo #fyp #summervibes ♬ Funny Song – Cavendish Music

Since then, as seen by the countless videos that depict the two sun dogs soaking in the sun, Walker’s account has moved nearly totally to the two sun dogs. It seems like Mayo may get a little irritated if Olive, her daughter, were to get too antsy while they were sunbathing. There must be some effort involved, I suppose.

If Olive and Mayo were their pets, who wouldn’t want to be as composed as they are? Just keep an eye on them to prevent sunburn when they are outside. Any local pet store or internet retailer has sunscreen made particularly for dogs. Do you want them to avoid getting a sunburn or something worse?

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