The woman gave birth to a daughter and after 87 days to her twin sister: What do girls look like now

Maria and Chris Jones-Elliot were very happy when they found out that they were expecting twin girls. They already had an adult son and daughter, who were also looking forward to the appearance of two younger sisters at once.

The couple came up with names for the girls in advance – Amy and Katie. The twins were supposed to be born in September, but things didn’t go exactly as planned.

Already at the end of May, being at the 24th week of pregnancy, Maria felt that she would soon become a mother. She went to the nearest clinic and already on June 1 she gave birth to her daughter Amy.

Having been born prematurely, the baby felt quite normal, given that her weight was only 540 grams. But her sister was in no hurry with the birth. Due to the peculiarities of the mother’s body, she was able to stay to wait for her term further.

Maria gave birth to Katie only on August 27, 2012, 87 days after the birth of her twin sister. Katie’s weight was 2550 grams, and her height was about 44 centimeters.

The twins were allowed to go home at almost the same time. By that time, Amy had put on a lot of weight, but she was still noticeably smaller than her sister.

The girls, who were born with a difference of almost 3 months, immediately attracted the attention of journalists. They also set a new world record, which was recorded by representatives of the Guinness Book of Records.

Even though Amy and Kathy are twins, they have two birthdays. And in each of them, both girls receive congratulations and gifts.

By the age of a year, Amy had practically caught up with her younger sister in development. The twins became very similar to each other in appearance, but the characters of the girls appeared completely different.

Now Amy is already 8 years old, and Katie is only 7, but she will celebrate her birthday soon and catch up with her sister. The twin girls are already preparing to enter the second grade of elementary school this year. They learn very well and help each other in everything.

The girls’ names are written on their schoolbags to make it easier for classmates and teachers to tell them apart. But parents can easily find many differences among their daughters, who were born with a difference of 87 days.


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