Teenager Caught On Camera Walking Elderly Blind Woman Across The Street

Diamond and her brother, Dontarius, gave the world a lesson of kindness and showed everyone that not all teens are rude.

Most people would love someone to notice their effort to help others. That’s why some of them turn on cameras every time they do a good thing. Some even help others to attract more followers on social media. Well, there are also people who don’t seek recognition or any kind of reward. Moreover, they don’t even talk about the good things they do.

The story of Diamond and Dontarius will definitely make your day and restore your faith in humanity.

It’s always nice to see a young person help those in need. Yes, kids are rude these days, and seeing a well-behaving teen is actually a miracle. This story may be a lesson for all the young people out there.

Diamond and Dontarius Caldwell made the best headlines following their act of kindness. The Cincinnati kids helped a blind granny to go across the street. The high school kids were waiting at the bus stop, and Diamond noticed the old lady who was unable to press the button and activate the crosswalk.

Diamond noticed that the lady was blind and wanted to help her. Dontarius rushed to help the lady without a second thought.

The 15-year-old approached the lady and asked if she needed assistance. “Ma’am, do you need some help?” Cincinnati’s freshman asked. Well, the cute lady sure needed help. Dontarius offered his hand and the lady grabbed it right away.

Mike Graribay was watching from across the street. He caught the good deed on camera and posted it on Facebook. The video became viral, and the entire world got to know about the kindness of Diamond and her brother.

“I just supported the sick, and offered them a helping hand,” Dontarius said. “Helping hand is key word. Everybody deserves to get a helping hand.”

These two deserve all the respect in this world and their parents should be really proud of them. Diamond and Dontarius have learned the lesson of kindness. This world needs more people like them.

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