Keanu Reeves Bought His Beloved Mom a House before His Own — She Supported His Dream of Becoming an Actor

Keanu Reeves has proven that he is not a usual Hollywood celebrity. He has a deep love for acting, but the huge sums of money he gets from it sometimes embarrass him.One of the actor’s close friends revealed that Reeves is embarrassed by all the money he makes, so more often than not, he chooses to give it away.

Reeves has been part of major franchises like “The Matrix” and “John Wick” and has reportedly made about 315 million dollars from his movies.

His close friend clarified that Reeves is well aware of how lucky he is to be in a position to make a lot of money. Therefore, it is only natural for him to give back to those in need.\

The “Speed” star is known for gifting his co-workers, friends, and family with lavish gifts, and his generosity earned him the title of the most humble man in Hollywood.

Keanu Reeves in Hollywood in 1999. | Source: Getty Images

One of his first acts of kindness that went viral was when Reeves was filmed giving away his seat on the train for a passenger with a heavy bag.

Reeves has also donated money to a children’s hospital and cancer research. He started a private foundation that also helps a few children’s hospitals and cancer research six years ago, but he chose not to attach his name to it.


Keanu Reeves in Hollywood in 2017. | Source: Getty Images

Reeves loves to be on set and see a movie come together, but sometimes budget becomes a deciding factor and forces other departments to cut down on their creativity.

Keanu Reeves in California in 2016. | Source: Getty Images

When Reeves was working on the sequels to “The Matrix,” i.e., “The Matrix Reloaded” and “The Matrix Revolutions,” he took on a hefty pay cut so that there would be more money added to special effects and costumes.

This was not the only generous act from Reeves. While filming “The Matrix,” he gifted the stuntmen with brand new Harley-Davidson motorcycles to extend his gratitude for the hard work they put into the film.

The actor has always cared about the process of filmmaking; in 1997, Reeves was allowed to work with the famous Al Pachino on “The Devil’s Advocate.”

Keanu Reeves with his sisters Kim and Karina in los Angeles in 1999. | Source: Getty Images

But Al Pacino was almost unable to be a part of the project because of budget constraints; however, Reeves wanted to work with him so badly that he took on another significant pay cut.

The “John Wick” star also extends the same kindness to his family. Reeves has two sisters, Kim and Karina, whom he is very close to, confirmed a family friend.

Keanu Reeves’ sisters Karina and Kim with his mother Patricia Taylor in Los Angeles in 2003. | Source: Getty Images

His sister Kim, who survived her cancer diagnosis in 2010, calls him her prince. Reeves was reportedly encouraged to donate to cancer charities because of his sister.

Keanu Reeves’s Mother Supported His Acting Dreams.
Reeves is one of the biggest Hollywood stars, but before he embarked on his acting journey, he had to ask for his mother’s permission.

The actor was 15 years old when he said to his mother, “‘Is it okay if I’m an actor?” Luckily for Reeves, his mother told him he could do whatever he wanted.

Keanu Reeves in West Hollywood circa 1987. | Source: Getty Images

15-year-old Reeves did not waste time; he enrolled himself in acting classes. Although the actor said he would have pursued an acting career regardless of his mother’s approval, he appreciated her support.

Reeves got into acting in the second grade. He remembered that his teacher invited two actors to do an improv class, and it became clear that he wanted to perform.

Keanu Reeves Bought His Mother a House before Buying One for Himself
Reeves has had a painful past which led him to delay settling down. In 1999 he and his then-girlfriend Jennifer Syme were expecting a child, but unfortunately, the baby died at birth.

The couple named their daughter Ava, but the devastation of the loss led them to drift apart. A year later, Syme died on the spot in a car accident.

A friend of Reeve’s said that he considered Syme his soulmate, so losing her made him take a step back from love and settling down with anyone.

The actor spent most of his adult life in hotels and short-term rental apartments. Only when he turned 40 did he decide to buy himself a home.

The actor also revived his love life. He found love with artist Alexandra Grant. The couple reportedly started as friends and business partners.

Grant helped Reeves with illustrations for some of his poetry, and they collaborated on a book of different art forms, including photographs, oil painting, and more, and called it “An Ode to Happiness. ”

But before he bought his house, Reeves first purchased a home for his mother and two sisters. As an even further act of appreciation to his mother, Patricia Taylor, he gave her a feel of the glitz and glam of Hollywood and made her his date to the 2020 Oscars.

Keanu Reeves at the 2020 Oscars with his mother Patricia Taylor in Hollywood. | Source: Getty Images

Even though Reeves was only presenting an award and not nominated for anything, taking his mother made him even more loveable to his fans.

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