Poor Woman Shows up at Luxury Wedding to See the Son She Put Up for Adoption 20 Years Ago — Story of the Day

A frail, poor woman showed up at a wedding and was mocked by the guests until someone revealed who she was, giving the groom a huge gift he had wanted all his life.

“Who is that?”

“Ew, isn’t there better security here?”

“I know she’s not part of Anastacia’s family. They’re all classy ladies.”

“You think she’s part of Taylor’s family?”

“She’s a mess.”

The guests at the current wedding at the country club laughed as a poorly dressed older woman with a thin and frail look appeared and walked down the aisle. Everyone was shocked and began mocking, commenting, and looking at her disdainfully. The bride and groom were still away getting ready or taking pictures, so the ceremony would not start for a few minutes. But no one could believe this disheveled woman was a guest here.

The reception went quiet, as most had mocked the woman earlier. But then, Mr. Franklin took the microphone.
The older woman looked around at the others, who gave her nothing but snobby stares and disdainful grins and thought the entire thing was a bad idea. However, a friend of the groom, Lars, stood up and approached.

“Ma’am, are you lost?” he asked gently.

The elderly lady smiled as he appeared sincerely. “I’m Ada. I’m here for Taylor’s wedding,” she answered, her head tilted down to make herself smaller.

“Oh, well, good. How about taking a seat?” Lars suggested, gesturing toward one of the empty spots around the garden.

“Wait,” someone interrupted them. “Ada? Is that you?”

It was Mrs. Franklin, Taylor’s mother. She had just arrived from being backstage with her future daughter-in-law and recognized the frail old woman.

“You know her, Mrs. Franklin?” Lars asked.

“Oh, yes, dear,” Mrs. Franklin said and grinned emotionally at the woman. “I’m so happy you could come.”

“Thank you for inviting me,” Ada responded, and they hugged, surprising the entire guests there, who couldn’t believe Mrs. Franklin would embrace or even associate with a woman dressed like Ada.

When they ended the hug, Mrs. Franklin turned, sensing eyes on them, but recognizing immediately what her guests were probably thinking. She knew the snobby invitees didn’t know or even wanted to befriend anyone below their social and economic status. She hated them for it. However, these people were part of her and the bride’s circle, so she had to tolerate them.

Mrs. Franklin got an idea, but it would have to wait for later. She sat Ada next to her and her husband, who also recognized her and smiled brightly at her.

The groom and his groomsmen took their spots. The bridesmaids walked down the aisle, and finally, the bride arrived on her father’s arm. The entire ceremony was beautiful, heartfelt, and emotional.

Ada cried and loved being there, even if barely anyone knew who she was. She didn’t need the recognition. All she wanted was to see Taylor be happy and marry the love of his life. She was delighted and had actually planned to leave once the ceremony ended, but Mrs. Franklin insisted on her coming to the reception.

The party was strange to Ada, who had never been to a wedding like this before. The flowers, the decorations, the food, the drinks, and everything was more expensive than anything she had ever owned. She felt out of place but loved that Taylor lived like this. It meant that her sacrifice mattered.

Once again, she planned to sneak out quickly, but Mrs. Franklin suddenly took the stage. “Hello, everyone. Thank you for coming to our dear Taylor’s wedding to the beautiful Anastacia. We are so proud and so happy for you two. But Taylor, your father and I have a gift for you,” the elegant began and was joined by her husband on stage. “Ada, can you come here with us too?”

Ada’s eyebrows widened in shock as everyone turned to her, but she stood and walked slowly to stand next to Mrs. Franklin. She couldn’t say no to her after all she had done.

“Taylor, the greatest day of my life was 20 years ago when a little boy of five came to our home and filled it with joy,” Mrs. Franklin began, putting her arm around Ada. “But that wouldn’t have happened without this woman right here. Taylor, this is Ada… your birth mother. This brave woman sacrificed everything so Taylor could have a better life. This is our wedding gift to you, son.”

The reception went quiet, as most had mocked the woman earlier. But then, Mr. Franklin took the microphone.

“Son, we know that you loved us dearly, but you always wondered about your birth family, especially your mother, and here she is,” he added, pointing at the frail woman. “Would you say a few words, Ada?”

Taylor had stood up from his table, and his bride covered her mouth with her hand.

Ada shook his head minutely, but she couldn’t say no. This was her chance. “Hello, Taylor. It’s me. I know you probably don’t remember me, but thanks to your parents, I’m here now. They let me come and meet you and see you so happy. I’ll be forever grateful to them for all they did for you,” she began, her voice choking. She managed to keep her tears at bay but couldn’t speak anymore.

Therefore, Mrs. Franklin helped her, telling the guests to cheer for this brave woman and enjoy the rest of the party.

Afterward, Taylor asked for private time with Ada, and they went to a room beside the reception hall.

Ada explained that 25 years ago, she was in a bad relationship and got pregnant. She had no money and nothing to her name, so she stayed with the horrible man trying to raise her son until he abandoned them for another woman five years later.

“That’s when I knew I wanted more for you,” Ada continued, swallowing thickly. “So, I talked to an adoption agency. Your parents were top of the list and were perfect.”

Taylor was crying openly, not afraid to show emotion, even as a man.

“How did you get here?” he asked, rubbing his cheek fruitlessly.

“I kept up with you. I knew where you lived. I knew where you went to school and more because the adoption agency gave your mother my PO Box, and she sent me updates,” Ada explained. “But recently, I’ve been sick, and I reached out to her to see if I could finally meet you. She agreed immediately. Your parents are gems.”

“They are. But so are you. You did the right thing by me, and I…thank you so much,” Taylor said, holding Ada’s hand. “But what’s going on? Do you need a doctor?”

They talked a bit more about her condition, which was not easy to treat and would likely never go away. But Ada changed the subject and talked about happier things until Mrs. Franklin interrupted them.

“We need the groom back for the first dance,” she said, feeling bad about it.

“Of course!” Ada said, standing from the couch. “I’ve taken too much of his time on his wedding.”

“We’ll talk more later, right?” Taylor stood too but stared at her intently.

“Yes,” Ada replied.

“You have to join us and celebrate!” Mrs. Franklin grabbed the poor older woman, and the rest of the night felt beautiful. Even if she was out of place in that luxurious wedding, she was still wanted by the people who mattered.

Afterward, she and Taylor built a beautiful bond, and she met his newborn daughter, Laura Ada, named in honor of Mrs. Franklin and his birth mother. It was the biggest blessing of her life.

Ada passed peacefully in her bed a few months later, knowing that her son would only have a brighter, more beautiful future with his bride and his family.


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