Police Officers Go Sledding With Kids After Someone Calls 911 On The Children

Children are often criticized for spending too much time watching T.V. or playing on their iPads and cell phones rather than playing outdoors. Sometimes, however, kids still find themselves getting flack even when they do take the advice of the older generation and go outside to play.

Earlier this month, a group of kids were sledding down a hill in Noblesville, Indiana when someone called the local police department to complain. Two officers were promptly sent out to check on the kids.

“Once they arrived they determined that the kids were being safe and responsible and not in a dangerous area,” the department stated on Facebook. The department added that the officers felt that the next logical thing for them to do was to test out the hill themselves, “for safety reasons and stuff.”

These officers really went above and beyond to make sure these hills were safe for kids to play on! You can hear the kids in the background sharing a good laugh with the officers as they glided down the hill.

“Well, we survived,” one of the cops can be heard saying once they reached the bottom of the hill. Phew, that’s good to hear!

Footage of the officers’ “safety check” has quickly gone viral, being viewed over four million times!


“These are the kind of officers that make me truly appreciate law enforcement!!” one social media user commented. “Acting like this shows those kids that police officers are human beings who enjoy being part of the community they protect!”

These days, it often seems like the public is only shown the negative side of police officers. This viral video shows that police officers can be fun and engaging with the community they serve.



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