Meet The Vet Who Walks Around Treating Homeless Peoples Pets For Free

It’s no secret that homeless people often struggle to find healthcare for their pets, but one man is doing what he can to change that
Meet Dr. Stewart Kwane, a self-professed ‘street veterinarian’ who has dedicated his life to selflessly treat the adorable pets of homeless Californians.
He has been on this mission since 2011, and as well as treating the animals, he also pays for basic food and veterinary costs (if needed) out of his own pocket!
When he is doing his rounds, he often carries a medical bag with him, so he can be at hand to help any animal he spots that may be in need.
As his escapades began to get pretty costly, Dr. Kwane began a GoFundMe page to raise donations that will help with his mission.
“The cost of minor treatments like ear infections, flea treatment, or vaccines can be around $100, whereas more serious cases of pet care like a tumor removal or dental with extractions can be $1,500,” said Dr. Kwane.
So saving these poor animals can be really costly, this was the story of a little pup named Dinker.
“Dinker has a very rare condition that requires surgery from a specialist,” and although Dr. Kwane is doing all he can, the procedure he really needs will be extremely expensive.
“I’ve experienced the most genuine stories of love, compassion, struggle, and hope.”
The GoFundMe page is a success, and he even released an update saying, “I am blown away by your generosity!”
Check out his website here and please donate to help with his work here!
“Giving a little can make all the difference”

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