Meet Madame Eyebrows, the world’s saddest looking dog to whom nothing seems to entertain

In Germany, there is a dog named Madame Eyebrows. It seems that this is somehow a strange name but wait. The eyebrows of the bulldog make him look like the safest dog that you have ever seen in your life.

However, her owners assure, that her facial expression doesn’t correspond to her character at all. Madame Eyebrows used to be a very happy and playful dog. She has an Instagram account with many fan followers. Her name mainly comes from the comments of her followers who called the dog like this.

When her photos appeared on social media her owners named her Tea. At that time she was 4 years old. But the couple accepted that their dog nickname is better and they gave up. Janina, her owner knew from the very beginning that their dog would be different as the fur around her eyes darkened.

Watch the video below.

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