Little boy tells mom before dying of cancer: “I’ll just go to heaven and play until you get there”

Having a sick child has to be a parent’s worst fear. Most of us cannot begin to imagine what it must be like for parents to have to deal with a child who is battling a disease they know is terminal.

When Ruth Scully’s beloved 4-year-old was ill, she lived out that dread.

Her sorrowful post about the last four days she spent with her beloved baby went viral.

Due to an aggressive rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare type of cancer that attacks soft tissue, Ruth Scully lost her son Nolan two months ago.

Nolan received treatment for more than a year after receiving his initial diagnosis at the age of just 3.

He had a tumor totally removed, but the cancer eventually spread to his lungs.

According to Yahoo News, Ruth was aware that something was off when she brought Nolan to the hospital for the final time.

Doctors gave dreadful news for Nolan, who had heroically battled his cruel illness, and for the family who loved him dearly.

Just four weeks after he underwent open chest heart surgery, Ruth was informed that Nolan’s bronchial passages and heart were being compressed by huge tumors.

All available treatments had failed to successfully treat the malignancy. The best they could do was to make his final days as comfortable as they could.

Waiting In Heaven

Nolan was much older than his actual age. When his mom said he that she had failed in her responsibility to safeguard him and felt a great deal of remorse, but he gave her the most heartbreaking response.

Nolan gave his mum a thoughtful look and then said: “Sooooo I’ll just go to Heaven and play until you get there! You’ll come, right?”

From that moment on, the only thing that mattered to Nolan was making the most of the few time he had left in this world by living as comfortably and as happily as possible for throughout his last days here.

Never left his mother’s side

In his mother, whom the boy never wanted to leave, Nolan discovered solace. He would wait for her on the toilet mat even when she was taking a shower. He doesn’t want to die without seeing his mother.

Even still, Nolan was there making plans for his will and how he would split his goods, making sure his family received his favorite stuffed animals.

He also said to his mother that he wanted to be known as a police officer.

In fact, he even thought ahead to his funeral:  “I asked if he wanted people to be happy or sad at his funeral. He looked at me confused and said ‘Happy, why would anybody be sad?’” Ruth said.

Ruth told that, on his last day, they played with Nerf guns, watched Peppa Pig on YouTube, and “[smiling] as many times as [they] could.”

Mom Ruth was apprehensive about leaving her beloved son when she went to take a shower, but he told her that he would be waiting for her outside on the mat.

When she emerged, Nolan was surrounded by medical personnel and had fallen into a coma.

Then, though, something extraordinary occurred. Nolan opened his eyes and said, “I love you Mommy,” despite having a collapsed lung.

His mother sung “You are my Sunshine” to him when he passed away.

What a sad tragedy that such a young boy passed away from such a dreadful illness.

Ruth now spends her time working to discover a treatment for this terrible illness. Dear Nolan, rest in peace.

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