Kurt Russell, 71, Loves Being a Grandpa of 7 & Lives Peaceful Life in His LA Love Nest with Goldie Hawn

Kurt Russell is a grandfather of seven kids and like the many roles he has played on the big screens, he excels at it. At 71, he is content to live a serene life in his love nest in LA which he shares with his partner, Goldie Hawn.

Hollywood relationships don’t always last long which is why those that do are considered rare and always talked about. One such relationship is the one Kurt Russell shares with his longtime partner Goldie Hawn who is a few years older than he is.

At first glance, the relationship seems like a normal fairy tale however upon closer inspection these two have an interesting union. When they first met, Hawn took a liking to him but she was 21 and he was 16. She thought he was much too young for her and that was that.

Years passed before they crossed paths again and Hawn was reminded of how much she had liked him back then. Unfortunately, they were both determined never to make lovers of their fellow entertainers so things didn’t evolve further.

It took almost twenty more years before the two finally made a move to get together. By that time, Hawn was already a mother to two kids Kate and Oliver Hudson, products of her marriage to ex–husband Bill Hudson.


When they finally met again, Russell started to befriend her kids. Whether he did so deliberately or not, it was the card that toppled the stack and it caused Hawn to fall deeply in love with him. She said:

“What really got me was when I watched my kids when they’d come to the set and how he was with them. He was amazing with them. He was such a natural.”

Russell did well as a stepfather to Kate and Oliver and when he welcomed another son named Wyatt with Hawn, he treated him just as well. The proud father is fond of all his children and now and then, fans get glimpses into their cuddly moments.

Despite all the love they have for one another, Russell and Hawn have never been married.

When he celebrated his birthday in 2015, Kate took to Instagram with a tribute that described how great Russell was as a father. She praised him for taking care of them and being there because he “wanted” to be.

This year, for father’s day, Kate was also among the family members who sent Russell emotional tributes. Hers was a throwback photo accompanied by a list of the actor’s values and a declaration of love.

Russell has no Instagram account however his wife showed him the post and it tugged at his heartstrings so he left a heartwarming reply in return.

It read: “Birdie, mommy just showed me this picture, this perfect Father’s Day present. I’ve never seen it before. Wow…it’s a killer. Lotta water under the bridge…it’s kinda hard to see it though cause all that water seems to somehow have found its way into my eyes…thanks for making me the luckiest father in the world sweetheart. I love you, Pa.

Russell became a grandfather for the first time at the age of 53 and he immediately evolved into a doting grandfather. In some interviews he had from back then, he confessed that he loved being a granddad, expressed gratitude for his kids, and prayed he would get more grandkids. He said:

“I’m happy for my kids, and I’m happy that there are going to be babies around again, so I hope they have more.”

His wish was granted because after that first child, six more followed so Russell is now a Grandpa of seven. These days all seven are growing fast and have been watching their grandparents on TV.

One of their latest joint efforts includes “The Christmas Chronicles: Part Two,” a movie that saw Hawn play Mrs. Claus. According to Hawn, the older grandchild did not much like watching them play characters on TV however the younger ones enjoy it.

She hopes someday, they will be able to enjoy other projects she and Russell have participated in but is content to see them watch the Christmas movie as kids.

Taking Care of 7 Grandkids
Seven may seem like a crowd but for Hawn and Russell, it’s a good time. The pair enjoy spending as much time as they can with their kids and grandkids.

In August, Hawn shared pictures from a night out that saw her join other people to watch her grandson, Ryder’s band, Codependence, perform. In her captions, she tagged herself as a “stage mom.”

Ryder is the oldest child of Kate, Russell’s stepdaughter. She shares him with her former husband Chris Robinson. Besides him, she is also the mother to Bingham Bellamy who she had with ex-boyfriend Matt Bellamy, and her only daughter, Rani Rose Fujikawa, the product of her relationship with her current partner, Danny Fujikawa.

Kate’s brother, Oliver also has three kids, all of whom he shares with his wife Erinn Bartlett. The kids are named Wilder Brooks, Bodhi Hawn, and Rio Laura.

The seventh grandchild Russell and Hawn has was welcomed by their only child together, Wyatt. He has been married twice, with his first wife being Sanne Hamers. His current wife’s name is Meredith Hagner and she gave birth to their first child, Buddy Prine, in 2020.

The whole family spends a lot of time together. Wyatt is also an actor and so are Oliver and Kate but despite their demanding careers, all three often have dinner with their parents, especially Kate, because she lives just down the street from them.

>When their parents are out of town, the kids love staying over at their grandparents’ home because they get to do anything. Russell and Hawn are very entertaining with the actor ready to even dress up as they did for Rani’s fourth birthday.

Life in LA

Russell and his partner Hawn have found happiness in each other and their family as they enjoy a peaceful life in their Los Angeles love nest.

The pair own several homes in different states but none as majestic as their LA home which boasts a luxurious living room, a well-equipped gym, and a breathtaking garden.

Their relationship will always baffle many because, despite all the love they have for one another, Russell and Hawn have never been married nor do they plan to be.

This has in no way damaged what they have and if Hawn is to be believed, it may be why they have lasted so long. Kurt Russell could easily have won the title of coolest grandpa when he dressed up for his granddaughter’s birthday party.

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