Heroic Mother of Four Pushes Daughter Away from Coming Car, Risking Her Own Health

Parents are willing to risk their own lives for their children when required because they want them to feel safe, loved, and protected. In today’s narrative, a similar situation played out as a selfless mother pushed her daughter out of harm’s path without considering her own survival.

A happy married couple named Chelsea and Matt Ferguson have been living in Australia since 2008. They were loving parents to four young children, ages 8, 6, 4, and 2, who lived with them in Gold Coast, Queensland.

The six-person family welcomed each day with wide arms and a loving heart, and they had a network of loved ones who were there to support them. Chelsea and her kids were visiting family in Westport, New Zealand, in November 2022 when the unimaginable occurred.

When Tragedy Struck

On November 15, the woman was reportedly struck by a vehicle while walking through the parking lot of a supermarket with her children. The driver of the vehicle was an older person. The traumatic event took place as she was walking her children back to their car when all of a sudden she heard the sound of screeching tires.

As a result of her mother pushing her out of the way during the terrifying incident, Pippa was rendered unconscious and has no recollection of what transpired.

According to Chelsea’s other sister, Jessica Irons, one of their other sisters was ready to give birth and Chelsea arrived to be there for her while she went through the labor process. When the terrible accident occurred, the family had not even been in New Zealand for twenty-four hours at that point. It completely turned their lives upside down.

Irons recalled that Chelsea did something truly heroic when she observed a speeding automobile as she was leaving the grocery store by receiving all of its impact upon herself. Pippa, a four-year-old girl, was bravely pushed by her mother out of the way of the moving car.

Because of this, little Pippa avoided what would have otherwise been a heartbreaking tragedy, but her loving mother was seriously hurt. When questioned if she could recall anything from the horrifying event, other than expressing her gratitude for her daughter’s life, she was speechless. Irons recounted:

“[Chelsea’s] motherly instincts kicked in and next thing she knows she is waking up in Nelson Hospital.”

Chelsea, 29, suffered significant wounds, including a broken shin and fractured femur. She reportedly underwent protracted, intricate procedures to preserve her limb and restore function, with a 12-month recuperation period.

Pippa, meanwhile, had no recollection of the terrifying incident since she had been pushed out of the way by her mother. She apparently had her arm and collarbone shattered, and her condition was being closely watched.

Matt, Chelsea’s husband, said he was still in disbelief and described the occurrence as sad. Irons said that her wonderful sister was scheduled for additional surgery since she was in excruciating agony.

The Fundraiser

The Gold Coast woman was praised as a wonderful human being, a wonderful mother, and a kind-hearted spirit. Chelsea’s cousin, Samantha Coe, posted the following in an online fundraising effort made to help the Ferguson family during this trying time:

“Chelsea is an incredibly selfless and beautiful person. She always puts others first and this page has been set up as we know many people will want to return the favour to her.”

As of December 6, 2022, donations have reached the $100,000 target and are still coming in. Chelsea and Matt are both unemployed and won’t be able to start working again until Chelsea is fully recovered and able to return in Australia again. M ore than $46,000 has been donated.

Due to Chelsea’s additional medical and rehabilitation expenses, the Fergusons are also having financial difficulties. Matt and the kids will remain in New Zealand while she recovers, but the family is unsure how they will handle their housing situation, make their mortgage payment, and continue their children’s education.

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