Groom Surprises His Bride With The “Purrfect” Gift At Their First Look Wedding Photo Shoot!

True love still exists. One groom made sure his bride felt how much he loved her on their wedding day. The first look photos are done before the ceremony, and it gives the bride and groom a chance to see each other for a few minutes before their nuptials. Some say that the meeting beforehand breaks with tradition, but many have found that it helps to eliminate jitters as they prepare to walk down the aisle. Many brides and grooms love to have just a few minutes together before they say, “I do.” It helps to relax each other and to remember the reasons why they are going through all of this anyway.
Most people know that research indicates felines can help to calm people. The groom knew his bride to be was a cat lover, so he wanted to make sure she was completely relaxed during the photos. To show the depth of his undying love, he gave her a tiny package with a calico kitten inside. Orion Metheny and Kaylee Schmidt’s wedding photos would have a fluffy, calico cat in the mix. It wasn’t just a prop for the photoshoot, but it was also a gift for his blushing bride. There were plenty of happy tears, and lots of smiles as Schmidt unveiled her bundle of joy. Thankfully, the photographer caught it all on film, and they thought that Metheny’s idea was spectacular, and it made for some good pictures.
Metheny wasn’t sure that he was going to be able to pull off this surprise. He wanted to adopt a kitten, so he headed to his local shelter. Imagine his horror when they denied his application. Each application is thoroughly reviewed, and they have become very picky about who they send home with an animal. Thankfully, fate stepped into the situation, and his grandmother told him that the right cat would find him if he just waited patiently. Consequently, time was running out. The groom found the perfect cat, and his great grandmother kept the kitten at her home until the ceremony. It was hard to keep such a big surprise hidden for a week. On the day of the photoshoot, the groom walked over to his bride.
He almost forgot about the cat for a moment as he was mesmerized by her beauty. However, the surprise was making its presence known. He gazed into his bride’s eyes and gave her the tiny package. Inside the box was the small kitten he named Chloe. She had a little purple heart tag, in the wedding colors, made to go around her neck. The bride tried to hold back tears of joy as she took her little bundle. She was perfect! The photoshoot was so amazing that the photographer asked to put the story on their social media wall. The story instantly went viral. Metheny’s act of kindness moved cat lovers from across the country. The three of them have an exciting life waiting, and you can probably say that this is one of the few times a cat has attended a wedding.

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