Grammy Award Winner With Hit Song About Being Brave And Saying ‘What You Wanna Say’ Quits Twitter Over Elon Musk

Grammy award-winning artist Sara Bareilles has lost the plot and announced she is leaving Twitter over Elon Musk taking over the social media platform. Sarah has a hit song, Brave, where she sings:

“Say what you wanna say, And let the words fall out, Honestly I wanna see you be brave, With what you want to say, And let the words fall out, Honestly I wanna see you be brave.”

But she is not brave in the face of genius Elon Musk trying to ensure free speech survives in America because if we lose that, we lose everything. Sarah said:

“Welp. It’s been fun Twitter. I’m out. See you on other platforms, peeps. Sorry, this one’s just not for me.”

She hasn’t posted since she ‘quit’ but she still has her account with 2.8 million followers active.

She is not the only celebrity losing it over Musk.

Producer Ken Olin told his 300,000 followers, “I’m out of here. The day Elon Musk takes ownership of Twitter, I’m out. No judgement. Let’s keep the faith. Let’s protect our democracy.

“Let’s try to be kinder. Let’s try to save the planet. Let’s try to be more generous. Let’s look to find peace in the world” before telling them to follow him on some other platform.

Billions showrunner Brian Koppelman said:

“Y’all’s, for real, come find me over on Instagram and the tok.

“Gonna really try to take a breather from here for a minute or a month come deal close time.”

He said earlier, “I can see the logic in taking a long Twitter hiatus when EM takes it over.”

Bill & Ted star Alex Winter seems to have quit the social media platform. He deleted all his posts and told his followers where they can find him before deleting his account.

He also posted a meme showing Musk as a Three Musketeer along with former President Donald Trump and Kanye West.

Jameela Jamil, a British actress best known for ‘The Good Place’ and ‘She-Hulk’, deactivated her account saying: “Ah he got Twitter. I would like this to be my what lies here as my last tweet.”

However, she came back.

Mia Farrow said:

“Well if Twitter becomes even more toxic – with Trumpy-treasonous lies & all the hatred – it will be taken less seriously, and people like me will quit for peace of mind.”

Rob Reiner however had a change of heart and vowed to stay and fight.

He said: “For those who are fighting to preserve our Constitutional Democracy, now is not the time to leave Twitter. Now is the time to VOTE BLUE!”

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