Finding Three Stray Kittens In Urgent Need She Decides To Offer Comfort And Shelter (video)

Such as a chicken taking in a litter of three tiny kittens, and then caring for them. This might sound like something out of left-field, but it is very true. This weird animal interaction happened in a farmer’s barn who quickly took a video that went viral online.
As you would expect, Goran A. Surchi’s farm has a lot of animals living together in almost perfect harmony. From dogs to cats, and sheep to goats, his farm has it all, even birds in the form of ducks and chickens. However, Goran didn’t think any of his animals would bond quite in the way one of his hens would when she came across three orphaned kittens in need of help. Finding them in need she stepped right up to the plate and provided them comfort and shelter.
Out working one day, Goran heard some kittens crying and went to investigate, only to find the meows were coming from the chicken coop. Worried, he initially thought the hens’ chicks might be in danger! Instead, he found she had taken in three helpless kittens under her wings to keep them warm.
“For some time now, I was hearing meows coming from our chicken coop and I was curious to know what was going on, as our chickens could be in danger,” the farmer explained. “When I realized that the meows were coming from under the chicken, I decided to record it so as not to miss this unique moment and to my surprise, there were three beautiful kittens.”
As it turns out, the three kittens were orphaned, after their mother sadly passed away, so they needed the love and comfort that only a mother can provide. But since all the mothers are protective and caring, the hen named Lee was right there for them. YOU CAN WATCH THIS SWEET INTERACTION RIGHT HERE IN THE VIDEO BELOW:  

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