Elderly teacher’s letter is hailed by thousands – do you agree?

Most people have an opinion about childcare, education and the school system. Today American students are falling far behind those in other nations. Why?

A retired teacher wrote this letter to the local newspaper to finally say her opinion.

The teacher wrote:

I thought it was definitely on point, but please read it for yourself and let us know if you agree or not!

“As a retired teacher, I am sick of people who know nothing about public schools or have not been in a classroom recently deciding how to fix our education system.

Teachers are not the problem! Parents are the problem! They don’t teach their children manners, respect or even the general knowledge of how to get along with others.

Children come to school with shoes that cost more than the teacher’s entire suit, but no pencil or paper. Who provides them? Teachers often provide this out of pocket.

When you look at “failing” schools, look at the parents and students. Do parents come to parents’ evenings? Do they talk to teachers regularly? Do they make sure their children are prepared by having the necessary supplies? Do they make sure their children do their homework?

Do they have business phone numbers? Do students take notes in class? Do they do homework? Do students listen in class or are they a source of distractions in learning?

When you look at these factors, you will see that it is not the schools that fail, but the parents. Teachers cannot do their job and the job of parents. Until parents stand up and do their job, nothing will get better!”


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