During a formal photo shoot, this Dog wouldn’t stop Kissing his Partner!

Dogs are amusing and constantly show their family love.💖

This moment show the wonderful connection between people and animals.💖

The dog’s name is Kenobi, and his companion is Knach; both are officers of Indiana’s Department of Natural Resources.

Kenobi recently positioned himself for a formal photo shoot, but instead of acting professionally, he used the occasion to cuddle up with the camera.

They don’t seem serious based on their appearance, but they did an excellent job of preserving the wilderness.💖

The duo is continuously practicing for finding missing people, finding criminal activity proof and spotting people acting illegally around wild animals. What a great team, K9 and officer!

Animals can sense kindhearted people. They are just naturally genuine, truthful, and loyal to their passions. Therefore, we might infer that the policeman loves Kenobi in his heart as well.

This police dog just can’t stop loving. Conservation Officer Levi Knach and his faithful BFF Kenobi

It’s easy to see why these snapshots are going viral – but behind them is a partnership built on love, loyalty and trust, all to the benefit of the region they serve.

Officer Knach does his best to keep things professional, but caught off-gaurd, he can’t help but smile.💖

As you can see this dog likes his partner and his proprietor cause he truly pleased.

Let’s wish for the best for them as we thank you both for your contribution to nature.💖

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