Couple living paycheck to paycheck worried about losing home learn their rent has been paid for a year

Jeff and Monica have had a rough year with Jeff alone having 15 surgeries during the course of that time.

Over the last thirteen months, Jeff and his wife, Monica, have been through a lot.

It was only two years ago, when veteran Jeff was diagnosed with cancer, so he and his wife had been focusing on his health since.

Sadly, within the first year of his diagnosis, the man needed to visit the ER every single month except for one.

This translated to lots of gas expenses, given that he had to stay in the hospital almost every time for maybe two or three days.

Additionally, Jeff had fifteen surgeries from August until December last year, which means he’d had to leave both the jobs he’d been doing in order to recover properly and take care of himself.

Since the family couldn’t go without an income, Jeff leaving his jobs meant Monica had been the breadwinner since.

Besides working, Jeff’s wife had been the cook, cleaner, and caretaker of the house, which had obviously had her exhausted.

But she never complained. She was always the person with the biggest smile and the warmest heart.

No matter what struggles the couple was going through, they always found ways to give back to their community.

They prepared meals for the sick, they gave away clothes for the homeless, and they gave a warm welcome to those who needed company, especially during the holidays.

Jeff and Monica had never thought that their being kind and open-hearted would turn right back at them one day.

But you see, people sometimes appreciate generosity and kindness and there are always those who are happy to give back to those deserving people.

Just like Secret Santa did for this lovely couple.

The East Idaho News reporters, or Secret Santa’s team, visited the couple’s home.

Obviously, Monica was a fan of Secret Santa stories because she knew a surprise was coming for them right when he saw the team approaching their front door.

When the woman saw the reporters, she broke out into tears because she knew right away help had arrived.

Right next to her, a confused Jeff obviously had no idea what was about to happen.

So, the reporter told them that a Secret Santa wanted them to know that he loves them and that he’d brought some presents for them.

Monica takes the first box, and she just can’t help crying tears of joy when she realizes it’s $2k worth of gas cards.

Given Jeff’s trips to the ER every so often, they really needed them.

Then, they are handed grocery store gift cards, which means they could just be a little more stress-free for the next few months, knowing that they had enough money for grocery shopping.

And then, they are given the biggest gift of all.

The Secret Santa had already paid their rent for the next year, which meant they wouldn’t run the risk of being homeless.

The couple just couldn’t believe it.

Jeff was speechless, and he could only utter “Oh, my God! It’s amazing”.

The couple both give Santa’s team big hugs, relieved to not run the risk of being broke and homeless.

Watch the heartwarming video below.

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