Christina Applegate Inspires Fans with Tearful Speech at 1st Public Appearance since Diagnosis

Christina Applegate made her first public appearance since her diagnosis.

The actress couldn’t stand long and was offered a chair to sit on.
Christina could not hold back her tears during a speech about her family.
On November 14, 2022, Christina Applegate made her first public appearance since she revealed in the spring of 2021 that she had multiple sclerosis (MS). The actress attended her Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony.

She was supposed to have gotten her Walk of Fame star in 2021, but the COVID-19 pandemic blocked things. The star revealed her MS diagnosis via Twitter while working on the third and final season of “Dead to Me.”

Before the Emmy Award winner appeared, her “Married…with Children” co-stars, David Faustino and Katey Sagal paid tribute to her at the Walk of Fame ceremony. Sagal was emotional as she told Christina:

“You’re not alone. We’re all here.”

Liz Feldman, the creator of “Dead to Me”, and Linda Cardellini, Christina’s co-star on the show, also attended the event to honor the actress. Before the Walk of Fame ceremony, the star was interviewed by Variety.

She confessed how “hard” it was to film the last season of “Dead to Me” while battling her diagnosis. The actress’s situation was so bad that she had to use a wheelchair to get to the series’ set, with her recalling:

“I got diagnosed while we were working.”

She recalled calling her colleagues to tell them about her diagnosis. While Christina managed to attend the ceremony that honored her with a star, she also gave a speech at the event but didn’t speak about her diagnosis directly, only mentioning it in some ways.

Christina Applegate in Tears during Speech
During her speech at the ceremony, Christina, given a chair to sit on, revealed how she’d had an interesting life. The star noted how as a little girl, she waited in line on the same street where the event was held to watch “Star Wars” at the same theater.

The actress recalled looking at the stars on the Walk of Fame and asking who the people were and if they did something right or wrong. However, she knew she wanted one of the stars; even though the star didn’t mention her diagnosis, she did say:

“I can’t stand for too long…”

So Christina said she had to thank those she needed to acknowledge and thanked her family, who’d spoken about her that day. She also showed gratitude to Sagal, Faustino, Cardellini, and Feldman before noting how they were her “everything.”
The star choked up as she said she loved starting with the first two stars mentioned above and later described Faustino and Sagal as her “loves” and her “people.” Christina thanked her team for being by her side for over twenty years.
She also shared how her mother used to say that changing agents was like changing Titanic deck chairs. The honoree proudly revealed that she’d stuck with her and guessed they were going down together.

The actress showed gratitude to her family, noting how she didn’t have friends but saw them as family, with a Twitter fan stating how Christina “deserves the world.” She shared how they “take care of her” daily; without them, she wouldn’t have known what to do.

When speaking about her daughter, Sadie Grace, Christina almost broke down completely as she described her child as the most crucial person in the world. The actress told her daughter she was much more than she knew; she was kind, beautiful, intelligent, loving, and interesting

Christina said she was blessed daily to wake up to take her daughter to school and called her “her everything.” She also thanked Sadie for being by her side through it all before joking that she had a disease!


The star hilariously asked those gathered if they’d noticed and that she wasn’t wearing any shoes. Sadie’s mother brushed off her last comments sharing how the crowd was supposed to laugh at those points!

Christina only had one child in 2022, whom she shared with her long-term husband. The actress has been bringing up their daughter in a private and closed-off manner with him.

Christina [Applegate] felt her daughter [Sadie Grace LeNoble] had a good balance at home.
How Does Christina Raise Her Daughter?

By 2022, Christina and her husband, Martyn LeNoble, had been married for over a decade. The couple, who keep their relationship and family private, got engaged in 2010 before tying the knot three years later.

The former “Days of Our Lives” star and the musician had been friends for years before being romantic and welcomed their daughter in 2011. Besides being with her when she was diagnosed with MS, LeNoble was around when she had breast cancer in 2008.

LeNoble also made Christina a stepmother when he married her because he already had another daughter, Marlon, from a previous relationship. The actress once noted how she’d been a “type A” and a “hippie” before she gave birth to Sadie.

She had a “do what you want to do” attitude and implemented things she’d seen her friends do while raising their children. When Sadie was an infant, she’d enjoyed her mother’s animal impressions and thought she was hilarious.

However, the little girl had her limits; by the third time her mother impersonated a monkey, she didn’t find it funny anymore! Christina felt her daughter had a good balance at home.

She saw her father play music with his guitars, and then her mother being ridiculous. The star felt Sadie was an incredible mash-up of her and her husband; however, the little girl also had her way and was entirely independent.


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