Bird Looks Like A Real-Life Fire-Type Pokémon And It’s Magnificently Gorgeous

With the millions of animals existing all around the globe, we are always bound to stumble upon one that looks like a Pokémon character that’s worth gushing over. Couple that with the fact that a large portion of these animals is made up of birds that come in beautiful colors, shapes, and sizes, and the next thing we know, we are looking at something that looks like a hybrid of fire-type and flying type Pokémon.

The particular bird in question looks like a small flaming thing with its threatening bright red plumage that’s impossible to look over. From afar, it truly looks like a fiery ember and is very distinguishable despite its not-so-huge size.

Usually seen in a desert landscape, this flaring winged ember lives up to its name. A dash of red flying through the atmosphere and darts to eat flying insects from shrubs and trees.

These birds are usually solitary in nature, but they are also sometimes seen spending their time in paired groups. They are pretty common in Central America and most parts of South America.

This particular species has a complicated history with taxonomy, but one way or another, it’s still a magnificent sight to behold at present time. People visiting the Galapagos Islands are blessed with the sight of these birds that look like they are on fire.

Check out and know more about this amazing bird with feisty plumage!

Meet The Flame-Headed Vermillion Flycatcher

A bird that sure looks raging on fire.

Meet The Flame-Headed Vermillion Flycatcher

The vermilion flycatcher (Pyrocephalus obscurus) is a passerine bird that belongs in the tyrant flycatcher familt of birds. It is exactly what its name paints it to be, a bright red bird that captures flying insects it darts onto.

They usually measure from 5.1 to 5.5 inches in length, from head to tail. They generally way no more than 0.39 to 0.49 ounces.

Males are characterized by an intense orang-red plumage with a dark brown eye mask and brown back, wings, and tail. Females and younger ones, on the other hand, are grey-brown in color and have a peach colored-belly, with subtle streaks across their breast and a salmon-red blush on their underparts.

Vermillion flycatchers are mostly found in the majority of Mexico, as well as in southwestern United States, some portions of Central America, and parts of northwestern and central America. These flycatchers like to live in trees and shrubs in savannahs, riparian woodlands, tropical forests, and agricultural areas.

They are also sometimes found in Canada. They also dwell in deserts, especially in place with ample water access nearby.

While there are no regional differences among the vermillion flycatchers in the America, some of these birds in South America can be seen with a ashy grey-brown color.

These flycatchers are mostly active during the day and spend their time tracking down insects and catching them mid-air after darting from a perch. They like to stay in shrubs or small trees and wait for the prey to pass by, and then chase them until they successfully capture their targets.

They usually communicate with trill call that sounds like “peet-peet”, and may also exhibit a pleasant flight song.

The population of the vermillion flycatchers are not threatened at present time, but they are suffering from habitat loss because of urbanization, among many reasons.

Check out this brilliant bird in action!

What can you say about the vermillion flycatcher? Isn’t it one of the most striking things you have ever seen?

What with its daring red appearance, it truly is a sight for sore eyes. Not only that, it really looks like a fire-type and flying-type hybrid of Pokémon, too!

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