Big fluffy dog casually interrupts weather report and quickly steal show

Bella decided she wanted to report the weather today.

Josh Judge is a weatherman with lots of experience under his belt. He worked as a weatherman for over a decade, keeping people in New England informed about if it was going to rain, snow, or be sunny.

Josh is great at his job — and he knows how to roll with the surprises that it sometimes brings along.

During his time at WMUR-TV, Josh has seen his fair share of excitement, but one event still managed to catch the pro by surprise.

One weekend, Josh was at the studio doing a live weather report.

In the midst of his segment, right as he’s discussing New England’s upcoming bout of sunshine, he’s completely caught off guard when a big, fluffy dog pops up behind him.

“It was early in the morning and all I knew was that as I’m doing the weather, I suddenly see a dog walking behind,” Josh told The Dodo.

“My brain was like, ‘Did a dog just walk behind you?’”

“I had to pause for a microsecond to make sure that’s what I had just seen!”

Although Josh was shocked by the dog’s appearance, the pup (named Bella) was actually supposed to be on set.

Turns out the huge, black-and-white Newfoundland dog belongs to weekend anchor Amy Covena and had been scheduled to appear in a segment about veterinarians her owner had planned.

Unfortunately, however, everyone had forgotten to inform Josh about Bella’s presence— and Bella, for her part, just couldn’t resist her early call to stardom.

When Amy heard about the incident, she was stunned.

“I was terrified that Josh would be mad at me or that I would get in trouble at work,” she told

Luckily, with fifteen years of experience under his belt, the meteorologist knew exactly what to do.

“Josh is a pro,” Amy said. “We’ve worked together for 10 years and he made her part of the forecast.”

After seeing Bella, you see Josh smoothly recover from his surprise.

“The sunshine is increasing and there is a dog behind me. Okay, alright, so it’s not the dog days of summer just yet, but it will be at least warmer than you’d expect for this time of year.”

And with that, the show goes on.

The clip quickly went viral on YouTube, where it was viewed over 857,000 times.

It’s so adorable to see this big dog saunter onto set, not a care in the world. Bella immediately became a star.




In the years since this viral moment, Josh has embarked on a new career as a realtor. But he still works as a weatherman part-time.

And he also still is well-known for his viral moment with Bella.

It’s adorable to see Bella on set, and Josh did a great job working her into the segment without missing a step. What an adorable video overall.

Check it out for yourself below!

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