A Woman Watches Her neighbors Abandon Their elderly cat and decides to save it (video)

What could be more heartbreaking than seeing a cat abandoned by its former owner right across the street? No one ever imagined that one day they would be faced with this disheartening scenario, but that’s unfortunately what happened to Maria and a poor elderly cat, Rolo.
Last year, Maria’s neighbor decided to pack up and move, they left nothing but a black and white cat that was a certain age. In the video, a lady stooped down, petted the cat and drove off. Maria thought they would come back for the kitten later, after everything was done in the new house, but the truth slapped Maria, Rolo, and us cat lovers hard. The kitten had no choice: he had to stay in front of the house and wait for his masters to come and get him, whether it was raining, snowing or snowing. As time went by, the feline lost weight because he had nothing nutritious to eat. He drank the water outside, when the weather was cold, he curled up and slept, but his ears remained alert, hoping for the miracle to happen. Every time he heard the sound of the vehicle, he would look up, indicating how much he had longed for the love of its owner. Maria was the one who tracked and documented the cat’s behaviors. She couldn’t bear to think that the cat would live forever without an owner, so she approached him and gave him food. At first, Rolo was defensive. He seemed like a possessive kitten because he could only bond with the family and could barely be friendly with Maria. However, Maria was patient enough to understand the trigger of his trauma, so she gradually approached the cat, day by day, little by little, to gain his trust. A few days later, Rolo felt that Maria would never hurt him and opened up a little. Fortunately, Maria was able to fill in what she had been missing in the past: food, pets and love.
Maria rushed the cat to the vet and let him stay for four days to get a complete checkup, including a blood test. Fortunately, Rolo became himself again, he was healthier and stronger after his visit to the vet. Maria happily adopted him and gave him everything she could. Maria and her boyfriend also made some nice toys for Rolo, they also took over a room near the door because he was more of an outdoor type. If he still missed his former owner’s house, he could go out and walk around, but Rolo knew where he had to go back to: his benevolent human mom Maria.
Rolo has many hobbies, one of them being rolling around in the dirt for fun. He also likes balls and other bouncy toys so he can bring them back and get them. Love is not so far away, it’s right outside your door, or …your neighborhood. Rolo is surely happy in his new home and the most important thing is that Maria will never let him down!  

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