A woman adopts an orphaned girl with Down syndrome and discovers that she has a biological son she never knew about:the story of the day

A childless couple took a DNA test with their adopted daughter to find her relatives and ultimately discovered the wife’s “secret” child.

“I wish we had more kids,” Sarah told her husband, Liam. “We were supposed to visit the orphanage this weekend, right?”

Sarah and Liam led a happily married life, and there were no complaints, except for the fact that Liam had an early vasectomy. He was raised in an orphanage and had decided not to have kids of his own. Instead, he only wanted to adopt kids, raise them and spread the goodness of adoption.

Sarah supported his decision and was soon drawn to a neighbor’s little girl with Down syndrome…

Liam and Sarah wished to adopt Kate after witnessing the bitterness she endured after her dad died. Her mother, Emily, was always busy at work and never had the time to care for her only daughter.

“You have a child? Tell me the truth, damn it!” yelled Liam.
She often let her stay at Sarah’s house and picked her up late at night after work. Although Liam and Sarah were okay with it, they could see that little Kate was deprived of a peaceful childhood.

“Sarah, I have important work and have to leave immediately. I will be off for two weeks,” said Emily one day. “I cannot take Kate with me. Can you please take care of her?”

Liam and Sarah could not refuse. They readily accepted because two weeks seemed well enough to help Kate laugh and be happy.

Emily left for the trip, leaving Kate under the care and custody of her trustworthy neighbors. During this time, Liam and Sarah loved having the girl around. They already had an adopted 8-year-old boy who was also pleased to share his toys with the little girl.

Being around Kate felt like a breath of fresh air to Liam and Sarah. They wished she would permanently move in with them, knowing little that their prayers would soon be answered, and Emily would pay a hefty price for it.

“It’s still so sad and feels like yesterday. Emily promised she would return but….” sobbed Sarah. “What do we tell her daughter? How will we take her to the funeral?”

Emily had met with an unfortunate accident on her way home from the airport. She died in the hospital and never got to see her daughter one last time. Sadly, Kate never got to bid a proper goodbye to her mother and was clueless about the little twists in her life.

Sarah and Liam took care of Kate, offering comfort and encouraging her to be happy. But she was not naive about her mother’s death. She missed her and slowly started to avoid everyone.

“I’m worried about her,” Sarah said. “Are they coming tomorrow to take her away? Can’t we do something about it?”

Since Kate had no immediate relatives to take her in, she was sent to an orphanage. The next day, Sarah and Liam bid her a painful goodbye as she was driven to the orphanage, promising they would take her with them soon.

A little over six months later, the couple succeeded in adopting Kate. They became her legal guardians and took her home. Everything went smoothly until a few days later when Liam candidly suggested a DNA test for Kate to find her relatives, if any.

“Darling, that sounds like a great idea!” expressed Sarah. “Why don’t we take DNA tests too? It would be fun.”

The couple took autosomal DNA tests with their adoptive daughter and awaited the results. Two weeks later, when the results arrived, something startling rocked their world.

“I don’t believe this!” shrieked Liam after seeing the reports. “Sarah, you match a 19-year-old girl in the same town.”

At first, Sarah thought Liam was joking. She grabbed the reports and was equally startled. While Kate had no potential match, a young girl matched Sarah.

“You have a child? Tell me the truth, damn it!” yelled Liam.

Sarah could not believe her eyes. She was upset about Liam’s suspicions, but it was reasonable. She realized any man in his shoes would react similarly and decided to get to the bottom of it before he concluded anything else.

“I am not sure if it is what I’m thinking, but honey, we need to go somewhere,” she said, driving him to the nearest fertility center and then to an unfamiliar woman’s address.

Liam and Sarah arrived at the doorstep of the alleged person who matched her DNA.

“What is this? Why are we here?” Liam asked. “And why did we go to that hospital?”

“You will know. I’m sorry, but I should have told you earlier. I was carried away, and I just forgot. I’m sorry, darling,” said Sarah, brewing Liam’s thoughts with bizarre scenarios.

“Hey, Mrs. David! Nice to meet you. It has been 19 years,” she greeted a woman, seemingly in her 40s.

“Sarah?!” exclaimed the woman. “Oh, look at you. You look the same! Please come in. I last saw you at the fertility center a long time ago.”

The women chatted for a long time as Liam held his head in confusion. Finally, he lost it and chimed in to know what was happening, only to learn the truth he didn’t see coming.

“Darling, remember I told you I was doing an internship in the local fertility center when we started dating?” Sarah began.

“Yeah, but what’s the connection?” retorted Liam.

“I donated an egg to an unidentified couple. Today, I learned from the records that Mrs. David successfully got pregnant with it. I’m so glad I ended up helping her bear a child!”

As it turned out, Sarah had donated her egg which was later used to impregnate the woman through in vitro fertilization (IVF).

“Good gracious, Sarah! You almost scared me to death,” laughed Liam. He apologized to her for jumping to conclusions without verifying the truth and promised never to do it again.

“Is this your daughter?” Sarah exclaimed in tears, picking up a photo of a young girl. “Liam, honey, look…Her nose resembles mine. And she has fine hair like me!”

The couple could not hold back their tears after seeing the picture. Although they decided to forget about the girl and move on, they could not deny that she was indeed Sarah’s child.

“What’s her name?” Sarah asked curiously.

“Dorothea! It means “gift of God” to honor the woman who helped me become a mother!” replied the woman, moving an emotional Sarah and Liam to tears.

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