A flight attendant daughter works the entire holiday season, so the father purchases six plane tickets to join her

As parents, it is our responsibility to ensure that our children feel comfortable, happy, safe, and most importantly, loved.

As our infants age, this becomes increasingly difficult to achieve. In the end, they become their own person: they have their own will, make their own decisions, and follow their own life path.

However, this does not mean we stop trying.

Every year, Hal Vaughan joins his daughter, who works as a flight attendant, on multiple trips she has to work as a flight attendant over the holiday. This year, they will get to enjoy Christmas at ground level. https://t.co/FOhgYwKnlG

— FOX 5 Atlanta (@FOX5Atlanta) December 10, 2022

Sometimes the simplest things are sufficient. Consider the simple act of answering the phone when our son or daughter calls. Then there are grander gestures, such as a down payment loan for a first home.

The point is that the day we become parents, we sign an unwritten contract that guarantees we will be there forever.

One father, Hal Vaughan, is all too familiar with this…

According to reports, Pierce Vaughan worked for Delta Airlines as a flight attendant in December of 2019. She was scheduled to work on Delta Airlines flights around the world on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, as she was unable to secure any holiday time off.

She expected to be unable to spend time with her family while flying through the air. Clearly, she has forgotten what kind of man her father is.

According to Little Things, Hal Vaughan took an astounding six flights in a row over Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, coordinating them so that he would be on every plane his daughter was working on.

Hal was seated close to fellow passenger Mike Levy on one of his flights. Mike was so moved by Hal’s explanation of his situation and his wonderful fatherly gesture that he felt compelled to write a social media post.

Mike’s online post quickly gained traction, with tens of thousands of individuals engaging and leaving comments.

“I had the pleasure of sitting next to Hal on my flight back home. His daughter Pierce was our flight attendant who had to work over Christmas,” Mike wrote in the Facebook caption.

“Hal decided he would spend the holiday with her. So, he is flying on each of her flights today and tomorrow around the country to spend time with his daughter for Christmas. What a fantastic father! Wish you both a very Merry Christmas!”

We cannot fathom the possibility of flying six times in two days, much less on Christmas. Hal was aware that his thoughtful act would make his daughter’s shifts significantly easier.

“Dad’s first trip using his benefits was a success!” Pierce wrote.

“A special thanks to all of the patient, wonderful gate agents around the country and my perfect crew. He made it on every flight and even got first class RSW-DTW (Christmas miracle).”

Delta Airlines issued a statement in response to the incident after learning of it.

“We appreciate all of our employees for working during the holidays to serve Delta customers, and love seeing this awesome Dad having the chance to spend Christmas with his daughter — even while crisscrossing the country at 30,000 feet.”

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