72-year-old who was a cop for 50 years passes away after last shift: “He loved being a cop”

He died doing what he loved: protecting his community. ❤️

Life is not complete if we do not have something that we value.

Life is not complete if we do not have something that we value.

God, our families, and our friends are some of these things. Apart from them, there are also other aspects of our lives that matter such as our professions, callings, or even artistic expression.

One elderly man from Tennessee is known for one thing: his passion for being of service to the community.

This man has been a cop for 50 years, a feat too hard to match and an accomplishment that is difficult to achieve.

Hamblen County Deputy Stan Shaw is a cop, and he is proud of it.

The man has been serving as a law officer for five decades and finally reached retirement.

On March 19, 2021, the police officer realized that it was his last day of work, and after 50 years, he is finally through with his duty to the nation.

He has been of service to the public for as long as he can remember, and on his last shift, he decided to go home a bit early. Unfortunately, the man never arrived home.

County Deputy Shaw was found unconscious inside his car that day.

Nobody knew how long he has been unconscious, but paramedics who were at the scene found that the man had no pulse and gave their best to restart his heart.

They were successful and the police officer was brought to the hospital so he can recover in the ICU.

The cop was without oxygen for too long so he was put on life support. At this point, everyone who loves him was just waiting for good news to reach them.

Michael Quinton, a friend of the law officer’s family, created a GoFundMe page for County Deputy Shaw.

The family needed moral and financial support during this trying time, and Michael decided to create the page for his dear friend who was in the ICU. The goal was to raise $8,000 but the page resulted in more than $13,000 worth of donations.

With 5 decades of his life spent serving the community, we firmly believe that County Deputy Shaw served well and he will be remembered for his outstanding contribution as a law enforcement officer.

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