7-year-old girl paralyzed at Loretta Lynn’s campground after teen landed on her back from 30-feet above

Life occasionally throws unforeseen events our way. A fun-filled day changed into a family’s greatest horror when their daughter was involved in a bizarre tragedy.

Sarah Faulkner, 7, was enjoying a refreshing swim at a Waverly swimming hole. While swimming in Hurricane Creek at Loretta Lynn’s campsite, a youngster jumped from a 30-foot rock and fell squarely on Sarah’s back

The 7-year-old youngster is now being treated at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville. She’s paralyzed from the lower chest down.

According to her father, Tre Faulkner, the girl landed on her back, causing her entire body to freeze as she hit her head at the bottom of the creek. ‘Daddy, my whole body froze, and I couldn’t move my arms, then my arm began moving again, and I swam to the top and started screaming,’ her father recollected what his daughter said to him.

Sarah needed 19 staples in her head, but that was the least of her family’s concerns. Her injury has rendered her paraplegic, which has the entire family concerned.

‘Sir, man to man, just tell me the truth, will she ever be able to walk again?’ he asked and the doctor replied ‘no’. Her father remembered the doctor’s response stating that it’s quite impossible, however there is something out there more powerful than him.


Sarah’s family firmly trusts in the power of prayer and is confident she will be able to walk again. Her dad already has the evidence he requires to make the case that his little girl will truly heal.

Because she had no rectal tone on the first day she arrived at the hospital, which indicates she has no muscle tone there. That is what paraplegics experience. She developed a rectal tone the next day. She wiggled her toes last night, not her toes, but her feet, just barely wiggling them. So they believe that God is curing this girl for his glory and honor, he explained.

They have named the GoFundMe page “Sarah WILL walk again” to demonstrate how strongly they think Sarah will walk again one day.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Faulkner family, particularly Sarah, for a speedy and complete recovery.
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