16 adorable mutts that are the result of different breeds falling in love

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes and they’re all perfect.

Every breed is adorable in its own way and there’s an amazing variation of colours, patterns, fur types, face shapes and sizes in the dog world.

There are hundreds of different recognized dog breeds, all with their own special features, and then there are all the beautiful mixed breeds dogs who provide even more variation.

When two different breeds fall in love, the result is a puppy with an adorable mix of the two breeds’ distinct features.

So were we are with some adorable examples of little mutts who resemble both of their parents:

1. Corgi and Australian Shepherd

2. Pug and Husky

3. English Bulldog and Dachshund

4. Husky and German Shepherd

5. Golden Retriever and Dachshund

6. Labrador and Husky

7. Australian Shepherd and Corgi

8. Rottweiler and Australian Shepherd

9. Pitbull and Husky

10. German Shepherd and Husky

11. German Shepherd and Shar-pei

12. Husky and Pomeranian

13. Newfoundland and Border Collie

14. Alaskan Malamut and Weimaraner

15. Doberman and Corgi

16. German Shepherd and Husky

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